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Deliver the
future, today.

Pre-production model shown

At ELMS, we're building clean, connected, and
customized commercial vehicles that help
businesses — and the planet — thrive.

The Urban

Available now

  • Range: 110 miles*
  • Dimensions: 186" x 64" x 75"
  • Cargo space: 157 cu. ft.
  • Payload: 2,100 lbs
  • Battery: 41 kWh
  • Curb weight: 3,133 lbs

*EPA Certified.

Urban Delivery

Discover more space

We built the Urban Delivery to navigate narrow city streets and tight spots, without sacrificing cargo space.


more cargo room


turning radius



Discover more space Discover more space Discover more space

Pre-production model shown

The Urban

Arriving 2022

  • Range: 125 miles*
  • Dimensions: 230" x 76" x 88"
  • Payload: 5,802 lb
  • Curb weight: 5,198 lbs
  • Battery: 89 kWh

Engineered for efficiency

Designed with your business in mind, ELMS vehicles deliver the lowest total cost of ownership.*

Up to


savings in total cost of ownership*

Up to


reduction in maintenance costs*

*Compared with gas vehicles.

Go clean

Made of lithium iron phosphate, the ELMS battery is designed to be more cost efficient and safe.

Our advanced batteries


High stability
& long cycle life



Small and light
due to
high energy density

Drive smart

Every vehicle is outfitted with ELMS AIR for 24/7 insight into fleet performance, including advanced analytics and fully customizable features.

Track vehicles in real-time for seamless navigation and route optimization

View charge status and battery health

Monitor driver performance and quickly identify incidents

Simplify fleet maintenance with real-time alerts, vehicle diagnostics, and predictive service scheduling

Maximize uptime

We're ready to go whenever you are with our nationwide service network, mobile technicians, and on-demand maintenance services.

Make it your own

Customize your fleet with flexible configurations and add-on features.

Make it your own Make it your own Make it your own

Assembled in America

Designed in Detroit,
by us, for you.

With decades of experience in automotives, our team is dedicated to building electric, better.

Built in Mishawaka, Indiana,
in a low-carbon plant.

We're re-energizing an assembly line—and a community—by manufacturing up to 100,000 vehicles every year.

Lead the charge

Ready to transform your fleet?
Get in touch to arrange a vehicle demo or place an order today.